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Green Canadian Nightcrawlers are our premium Canadian Nightcrawlers dyed green with Legend Labs Green Worm-Glo dye.  The green dye color will last for 2-3 weeks.  Bedding changes and feeding will speed up the process of them losing color.  Canadian Nightcrawlers are the #1 Live Bait for a reason.  These worms average 3 1/2 – 6″ in length and the diameter of a pencil.  They are used for every species of fish from Walleye, Bass and Catfish to Saltwater. Nightcrawlers are also broken into parts for small pan fish.  Canadian Nightcrawlers are a cold weather worm and do require refrigeration.  They are not a composting worm because they do not tolerate warm temperatures of a compost pile and they do not reproduce quickly.  Nightcrawlers are also a great feeder for you Turtles, Large Reptiles and Small Omnivore Mammals.

Available in Michigan Peat and Paper Bedding for your Trip into Canada.  We do not recommend paper bedding if you plan on keeping worms for an extended period.  Paper Bedding does not contain the same amount of nutrition as Michigan Peat.


Live Bait is sold by weight and count can vary due to size variations among bait. All counts are approximate. We do not guarantee count on live bait. We regularly adjust weight of live bait based on seasonal variations of bait and try our best to get an accurate approximate count.

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1.25 LBS. (APPROX. 120 COUNT), 2.5 LBS. (APPROX. 250 COUNT), 5 LBS. (APPROX. 500 COUNT, 10 LBS. (APPROX. 1,000 COUNT)