Prepackaged Salted Shad

Prepackaged Shad are sold in 4 oz. resealable bag.  All bags are labeled and have UPC codes.

Each bag contains 10-12 Regular Size Shad.

Regular Shad range from 2 to 3 inches in length.  Approximately 25-30 in a lb.

Salted Shad are killed in a salt brine/preservation  solution and cured in fine salt.  They are excellent fishing bait for catfish and trotlines.  Great when you don’t want to carry a bucket around or you can’t use live bait.  We have been preserving shad for 30 years and guarantee these are they best quality you have ever used.  They are grated for size and preserved fresh from the lake.  We don’t preserve bait that has already died because they lose their color and do not last as long.  These shad will last for months on the shelf or for a year if frozen.  Plus the salt keeps them from freezing together and turning to mush when thawed.

You can refrigerate Shad to extend shelf life.  You can also freeze unused shad for a later date.  Just pull Shad from freeze 24-48 hrs. before fishing trip to thaw.  If shad become brittle from drying out and lose flexibility then you can spritz them with some water and they will regain their life like flexibility.

Not for Human or Pet Consumption

Additional information

Weight 1.0 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in